In 1972, legendary trial lawyer Ben D. Sudderth
hired young lawyers Keith Woodley and Jim Dudley
and started Sudderth, Woodley, & Dudley.  Keith and
Jim formed their own practice in 1982, but continued
to closely associate with Ben until his death in 2001.  

In 2005, Keith's son, Jud Woodley, joined the practice
and works to continue the tradition of excellence
established by his father and Jim.

Keith, Jud, and Jim believe every man, woman, and
child has a constitutional right to life, liberty, and
the pursuit of happiness.  The lawyers and staff at
Woodley & Dudley work tirelessly to see to it that
your constitutional rights are protected and that
law enforcement and prosecutors have respect for
all citizens.  

A great lawyer once wrote that our duty is to
"protect those of the lord's children who have
fallen short of perfection from the wrath of those
who believe they have attained it"  We believe in
those words.

Beyond a criminal trial practice, Woodley & Dudley is
a full service law firm.  Keith and Jud agressively
represent people in divorce and child custody cases.  
Jim's expertise lies in estate planning and real estate
law.  Jim's clients, as well as Keith and Jud, are
fortunate to draw upon Jim's sage wisdom and years of
experience on a daily basis.

In addition, Woodley & Dudley strives to recover
money for clients who have been injured.  This
includes representation of people injured in car
wrecks, and families who have lost a loved one
because of a negligent driver.  The lawyers at
Woodley & Dudley know how to fight the insurance

Feel welcome to make an appointment to speak with
one of our lawyers any time to discuss legal issues
that are important to you.
The Firm